If you’ve ever filled a prescription before, you know the process is like playing a game of 20 Questions—and that’s just to make sure your pharmacy has you in their database! But did you know… there are additional steps you could have taken that would have made your pharmacy visit a lot quicker? Next time you make a stop to fill your prescription, consider telling your pharmacist these non-health-related items for a smooth, hassle-free visit.

  1. When you last updated your insurance information

Have you ever gone to the pharmacy expecting to fill a prescription only to find out it was never filled because of insurance issues? Now, you’re told you need to provide your new insurance card before they can even begin filling it! Oh, and the wait time is 45 minutes? What a pain! Stay ahead of the game and reach out to your pharmacy when you know your insurance will be changing or has changed. They can advise what pieces of information are needed to ensure they bill your insurance correctly.

Hint: The RxBIN, RxPCN, RxGroup, and Member ID are needed for billing purposes.

  1. If your prescriber has changed

Often, pharmacies can send a refill request to your prescriber on your behalf when you’re low on your medication. Talk about convenient! Unless that prescription was written by an old prescriber… Sending a refill request to an old prescriber can delay the time it takes for you to receive your new prescription. Next time you have your pharmacist send a refill request, be sure to check that it is going to the correct prescriber.

  1. If you use another pharmacy

While you may like using multiple pharmacies, it’s in your best interest to keep all medications with one pharmacy. Why? Suppose you have different doctors prescribing multiple medications. If you’re filling at several pharmacies, your pharmacist won’t have a full understanding of any other medications you’re taking. Part of the pharmacist’s job is to ensure your medication does not conflict with your other medications. Providing more information is actually protecting you!

  1. When you’ve changed phone numbers

Ring, ring! Your pharmacy will call you to let you know your prescription is ready for pick up. But how would you know if they have your old phone number on file? While it seems like common-sense to tell your pharmacist, this easy-to-forget piece of information can keep you from an important call and a quick turnaround.