My Employer’s Benefit Plan Requirement Probably Saved My Life

There are three things I was taught you never talk about on LinkedIn – religion, politics, and colorectal screenings. Ok, maybe not the third. If you think about it, how many new business relationships begin with a drink over MiraLAX or comparing pictures from the procedure like it’s your child’s dance recital picture? Still, I feel compelled to share my story with my LinkedIn family because of what could have happened had my employer, McGohan… Read More


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Hi, my name is Dave and I am a technology addict.  It’s been 2 hours since I watched a replay of the 1,218 precision-programmed drones amaze the world during the closing ceremony of the Olympics.  I anticipate new C-Net reviews of technology like it’s the next Star Wars movie, and my final wish is to be buried with a Sky Mall catalog. As the person charged with strategy and innovation for McGohan Brabender, one of… Read More