Wellness Wednesday: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Have you ever worked so hard you feel fatigued and your brain has turned to mush? Maybe you’ve taken on task after task and just feel a little burnt out? Sometimes we spread ourselves a bit too thin and it seems like our entire world is crashing around us. “I had it all together earlier, what the heck happened?!” Trust me, you’re not alone. Some days you are on top of the world and other… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: The 5 Best Apps for Self-Care

Nowadays, everyone and their brother’s, cousin’s, best friend’s, child has a smart phone. But are we really apt to use this technology if we don’t explore it to its full potential? There’s an app for everything so why not download a few that check in on you every now and again.   I have never been very good about drinking water, going to bed at a reasonable time, or taking time to just chill out…. Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Vitamin ABCs

Complete Yourself. From A to Zinc. The Perfect addition to your routine: Multivitamins PACKED WITH VITAMINS AND MINERALS!! We see it everywhere. On billboards, on television ads, on nutrition labels…if you can name it, you’ve probably seen it there. While they aren’t a substitute for a nutritious lifestyle, they are helpful and sometimes necessary. But do any of us really know what vitamins and minerals even entail? Well let’s cover our basics, shall we? Vitamins… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Positive Vibes, Positive Mind, Positive Life

Sometimes you have a good day and sometimes it’s a not so good day. But, sometimes, it’s a “Not So Good, Very Bad, Horrible, Awful, Who Has it Out For Me?!” day. Everyone has those days and sometimes they aren’t far and few between and frankly…it stinks! What really stinks is that, occasionally, there’s no reason as to why we feel as bad as we do. We have bad days just because and there isn’t any… Read More

Wellness Wednesday: 6 Health Blogs for Every Type of Wellness

Everything is moving so quickly in this day and age, whether it be with pop culture, technology, or even just how we operate in our day to day lives. What never seems to change though is that dreaded New Year’s Resolution. I’m talking about the BIG ONE: Be Healthier. Whichever way you want to spin it; eat better, get more sleep, lose weight, take time for yourself, or workout more… it’s always in the same… Read More