COVID Consequences… Cavities!

I was scrolling along on my online shopping site for digital coupons… and my lord, it took me forever to get through all the toothpaste, the brushes, the mouth wash, the whiteners… and of course, the always forgotten floss. Someone is trying to tell us something. Our dentists are lonely. Dentists have been stressing the importance of bi-annual preventive cleanings, and we have ignored that call. For over two years, we have been wearing a mask… well,… Read More

MB Provides the Knowledge

  2021 was another year of adjustment – attempting to get back to habits and routines halted by the global pandemic. McGohan Brabender was blessed to continue creating opportunities to learn, develop, and advance despite all the chaos. First, our scheduled Learning Centers carried on and offered opportunities for clients to be compliant, advance with new approaches to their workforce, and develop strategies in their management style. Secondly, our interns were given a chance to… Read More

Truth or Dare: We Dare You to Find True Hospital Costs

Truth or Dare:  Medical bills are easy to read and consistently accurate? I dare you to challenge your medical invoice amount! Seriously. As part of MB’s goal to educate our clients and their employees to be the best health care consumers, we constantly look for articles to share on the subject. After reading how a mother delivered her second child during COVID, following doctor’s orders, went to the hospital for what concluded as a normal… Read More

Ohio Public Employee Retirees are about to be cut…

…and cut deep.  In 2022, to keep the health insurance funds afloat, the OPERS board has decided to make necessary cuts to its employees and current retirees. The percentage of decrease will depend on the number of years employed as well as their status with Medicare. Those retirees who are not eligible will have their health care coverage eliminated entirely. The board, however, has decided to provide an undetermined amount to shop the individual market… Read More

Medical Drug Importation from our Northern Neighbors Explained

President Trumps’ recent proposal to allow legal purchasing of certain medications from Canada has everyone in a stir. Trump is the first president to have the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Health and Human Services (HHS) with medical drug importation from our northern neighbors. It is reported that President Trump forgot to ask the Canadian drug manufacturers if they would be willing to play along with this opportunity for those… Read More