With the Great Resignation upon us, it is more important that ever to retain individuals and, at the same time, attract new talent to help your organization grow. There is only one problem; we can’t find people to fill those jobs. Your employee benefits package is an engaging way to entice new talent to your company. Today, 35% of the workforce is made up of millennials, which is a stark contrast to just ten years… Read More

Curating a Comprehensive Benefits Package for Multiple Generations

  There has never been more diversity in the workplace than there is right now. Many companies have four or five generations of workers, with millennials making up the most significant portion of the workforce. However, each generation brings something valuable and unique to the table for businesses. To be an inclusive organization for all ages, as an employer, you need to offer a robust benefits package to your employees. The reality is — we… Read More

What do millennials want? Transparency! When do they want it? Now!

  If you were born between 1981 and 1996, you might not like being called this, but you are a millennial. The most recent research done by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Pew Research Institute estimates that millennials make up the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. About 35% of working Americans are millennials. With the prevalence of millennials in the workforce, it’s imperative to cater to what they desire in a company. Transparency has… Read More

How COVID-19 Will Change Employee Benefits

  “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” Have you ever heard the saying? Well, this quote rings true regarding employee benefits during COVID-19. Throughout the pandemic, employers have had to make swift and drastic changes to their benefit packages. Before the pandemic, it would sometimes take years for companies to adapt their employee benefits offerings. Due to the extreme changes the coronavirus brought, companies scrambled to adjust their benefit offerings to post-pandemic… Read More

Wellness Programs While Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the corporate world upside down. What worked well pre-pandemic will no longer work post-pandemic. Companies worldwide have had to develop innovative ways to cater to their employees and their clients. Wellness programs have been a staple in organizations for many years, but the switch to working from home has caused a significant shift in how these programs operate. I remember my first week on the job seeing people “getting their… Read More