4 Things to Tell Your Pharmacist

If you’ve ever filled a prescription before, you know the process is like playing a game of 20 Questions—and that’s just to make sure your pharmacy has you in their database! But did you know… there are additional steps you could have taken that would have made your pharmacy visit a lot quicker? Next time you make a stop to fill your prescription, consider telling your pharmacist these non-health-related items for a smooth, hassle-free visit…. Read More

Saving at the Pharmacy

Before coming to work for McGohan Brabender, I spent three years working in retail pharmacy. That helped me gain a good understanding of pharmacy benefits. But for the majority of people without first-hand experience, pharmacy benefits can be confusing. If you don’t know how your benefits work, you may be missing out on potential savings. Here are six things to know before you fill your next prescription: Brand Name vs. Generic Drugs  Many brand name… Read More