The True Meaning of Company Culture

A good company culture is highly sought after by employees nowadays. Company culture is what helps an organization keep their current employees and gain new employees over time. Listen along as Aileron President, Joni Fedders, explain what she believes to be the true meaning of company culture. We’ve had quite a few business owners at Aileron who really considered selling their company because they didn’t like their own culture that they’ve created. It becomes a… Read More

7 Tips for Boosting Employee Happiness in the Workplace

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7 Tips for Boosting Employee Happiness in the Workplace The meaning of happiness is dependent upon the individual and what they value. Because there are so many different ways that people define happiness, it is so incredibly difficult for employers to make every single one of their employees happy 100% of the time. There just isn’t one simple template to follow in order to boost employee happiness in every organization. Advice from HR experts and… Read More