Benefit Perspectives

  • “Hood Robin”

    Download “HOOD ROBIN” by Scott McGohan, CEO, McGohan Brabender We’re all familiar with the story of Robin Hood. The English folk hero has been widely portrayed in books, films and television. Wearing green tights and wielding his bow and arrow, Robin Hood and his Merry Men lived in Sherwood Forest and roamed Nottingham “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.” So what does Robin Hood have to do with health care, and why... Read More

  • MB In The News

    Download 2016 CBC Health Care Guide a supplement to the Cincinnati Business Courier The 2016 Health Care Guide,a supplement to the Cincinnati Business Courier, focuses on McGohan Brabender and our approach to empowering our clients. Download a copy, and learn why we are “Good, Smart People Effectively Managing the Entire Health Care Dollar.  “Good, Smart People Effectively Managing The Entire Health-Care Dollar” When Pat McGohan, founder of McGohan Brabender, started as an insurance broker in the... Read More

  • Five Keys to A Successful Wellness Program

    DOWNLOAD Five Keys To A Successful Wellness Program Overview by Todd Whitthorne, President, ACAP Health The term “wellness program” has come a long way. It wasn’t long ago that whenever I used the term, people would respond with a furrowed brow and a “What’s that?” Now, when I mention “wellness program,” more times than not, the response is a nod and an “Oh yeah, we have one of those!” For most companies, a wellness program is par... Read More

  • Attacking the Production of Disease

    DOWNLOAD Attacking The Production Of Disease Overview One of health care reform’s goals is to stabilize or reduce costs. While the government focuses on things like outcomes-based reimbursement, we started thinking: What if we could reduce employers’ costs by reducing claims? And how do you reduce claims? By identifying and mitigating risk – or, as we like to say, by attacking disease before it starts. It was a bold suggestion in 2009. You can’t stop people from... Read More

  • Creating A Culture of “Intent” With Data Analytics

    Download the ‘Data Analytics’ Overview Prior to World War II, employers had very little to do with their employees’ health insurance. A federally imposed wage freeze after World War II drove employers to offer fringe benefits, including health insurance, to differentiate their companies and attract workers. Today, employers provide health benefits for nearly 157 million Americans, making them the principal source of health insurance in the United States. As medical costs reach all-time highs, employers... Read More

  • Psychographic Segmentation, Consumer Motivation And Health Care

    Download the ‘Psychographic Segmentation’ Overview Two employees work side by side. They are similar in age, education, and other demographics. One is conscientious about health and health care; the other uses the ER for minor medical needs. They both receive the same benefits information. So why is one engaged, and the other indifferent? It’s not enough to educate. You have to motivate. Psychographics holds the key. The traditional approach to communication focused on the “what.”... Read More

  • The Business Case: Pay-For-Value Contracting

    Download the ‘The Business Case: Pay-for-Value Contracting’ By now you’ve heard about pay-for-value, which rewards providers for quality of care, not quantity. In fact, Ohio’s governor has established “Transformation of Healthcare Goals” for the state of Ohio to drive a payment system to Primary Care Physicians that focuses on quality of care rather than quantity of care. Pay-for-value holds a single provider accountable for that patient’s care, regardless of who actually delivers the service. Under... Read More

  • What Is Data Analytics?

    Download the ‘What is Data Analytics’ Overview FIRST, WHAT DATA ANALYTICS IS NOT. Data analytics is not a big stack of reports. It is not a confusing paper trail that is designed to overwhelm you with numbers. Data analytics is the interpretation and simplification of the story within your data. This interpretation is a critical component of strategic planning and forecasting. Specifically, the system that we use enables us to determine the root causes of... Read More

  • Psychographic Segmentation White Paper

    Download the ‘Psychographic Segmentation’ Overview Psychographics accurately identifies how different individuals are motivated. When people are motivated, behaviors can change. Find out what that means for your health care benefits.

  • Whitepaper: The Business Case for Patient Attribution

    Patient Attribution incentivizes physicians to deliver value over volume. We explain how Patient Attribution is transforming health-care delivery, leading to lower costs and better outcomes. Click here for PDF