Benefit Perspectives

  • Assurex Health’s GeneSight Test Identifies Which Treatments Are Likely To Succeed

    Personalized medicine is revolutionizing the medical industry. Patients now have the power to partner with their doctors to impact their medical care in new ways. Personalized medicine helps patients receive medical care specific to their genetic makeup, phenotypic characteristics and more. As with most industries, there are companies that focus on a variety of specialties. Among these specialties are mental health issues, which affect 1 in 5 adults, according to the National Alliance on Mental... Read More

  • Medicine and Tech Innovations of the Future: How Do They Impact Businesses?

    It doesn’t take long for new technological advances to hit the medical world. 3-D printing, wearable technology, robots and genomic testing are starting to impact the way you access and use your health care benefits. 3-D Printing By now, most of us have heard of 3-D printers. They can print in three dimensions, in successive layers. Today, 3-D printers can utilize plastics, gold, silver, wax, and even food. So what does this mean for health... Read More

  • 6 Technology Advances That Are Improving Health Care

    Every year, biomedical engineers and computer scientists develop new medical technologies. These technologies take many forms, from imaging equipment to medical informatics. Although the cost of researching and developing these new technologies is reflected in the initial cost of the equipment or programs, these breakthroughs can promote more cost-effective care over time—and improve the lives of many patients. Predictive Analytics Predictive analytics (PA) is a process that uses technology and statistical methods to search through... Read More

  • How to Protect your Company’s Health Care Information in a Digital Age

    Digital technology has opened a world of opportunities for health care delivery — and, unfortunately, for data hackers. Data breaches affecting protected health information made headlines in 2015, but hundreds of breaches occur that don’t make the news. Since Jan. 1, more than 200 breaches affecting at least 500 individuals have been recorded, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. The total number of health data breach victims... Read More

  • Should Employers Be Self-Funded?

    Now more than ever, employers are looking everywhere to control costs. For an employer offering a fully insured plan, a prime opportunity to decrease costs might be found by considering self-funding. By self-funding, employers can achieve savings of 8% to 10% by avoiding certain taxes and carrier fees. Add to that lower claims cost based on pre-ACA underwriting, and the market is ripe for a big wave of self-funding. Take a look at some of... Read More

  • Medical Cost Estimators, a Valuable Digital Tool

    It is essential to prepare consumers with all of the information they need to make the best medical plan choice for their families. Deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and numerous other line items can be overwhelming for an employee to evaluate and predict what they need. Therefore, it is crucial that human resources departments prepare and inform their employees of all of the options available. The simplest method to assure that employees are not underinsured or over-insured... Read More

  • Newest Trends in Health & Fitness Training

    There is no question that consistent physical activity has several health benefits, including improved physical and mental health, protection against chronic disease and overall enhanced quality of life. There is also no question that a lack of physical activity is associated with higher health care costs and utilization. With many Americans not getting the recommended levels of daily physical activity, this is troublesome to say the least—and all of the more reason why fitness should... Read More

  • Top Trends in Health Plan Fitness Programs

    While many of today’s top health insurance plans include wellness programs, more businesses are adding financial fitness incentives to motivate employees to get even healthier. Surveys show the net result is improvement of overall employee health, better performance and attendance at work and reduced medical costs across the board. Lower insurance costs and a healthier, happier, more productive workforce, is a win-win for employees and employers. Activities that could make plan members eligible for financial incentives include: Diet and fitness routine assessment Sharing family medical history Cholesterol... Read More

  • How To Evaluate Health Plan Costs

    “50% of people spend less than $300 a year on health care claims; therefore, most people overpay for health insurance.” — Scott McGohan, CEO at McGohan Brabender It is crucial for health insurance shoppers to purchase plans that provide all of the services needed without having unnecessary coverage. The savings from an adequate health insurance option can be allocated to other family expenses. Savings can be accomplished from shopping and comparing all of the options.... Read More

  • Our Shrinking Workforce

    Before McGohan Brabender takes an initiative out to our clients, we like to do it ourselves. When we decided to become an outcomes based plan, we knew that we needed to provide our people with the tools to improve their health status. When we launched a ten week online learning program, we had high hopes but no expectations. Then the results came in, and we were thrilled to find that not only had our people... Read More