Name: Jacob Clark
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
School: University of Dayton
Major: Finance

What is your favorite thing about you?

Jake: I like my personality and smile because I’m easy to get along with and I feel like I’m a very positive person. I think I project that onto other people when they’re with me.


What is an interesting fact about you?

Jake: Oh, I have a twin brother. But, I’m older than him by 32 minutes. He doesn’t go to the University of Dayton, though, he goes to the University of Buffalo.


What are your values?

Jake: I value my religion, my family and I value being honest. I believe in having integrity in anything I do and I also believe in hard work. My dad instilled these values in me when I was growing up and I want to embody that in my life.


What’s your favorite thing about where you’re from?

Jake: I would say…the food, for sure. The restaurants and the wings. Oh, I would also say the sports teams and most importantly, hockey. Everything about hockey. And…I’d have to say my high school there and all my friends back home.


If you didn’t need to sleep, what would you be doing?

Jake: I would probably want to spend more time with my friends or family…or…honestly? Probably working. I would want to be active and be doing something. I wouldn’t let that time go to waste.



Jake pictured above with family and with the University of Dayton Flyers hockey team.