This August is full of lovely ladies who are celebrating an anniversary at MB! We want to thank them for their time here and all that they contribute to this amazing company.

We wouldn’t be anywhere without all of your hard work and dedication to MB and the MB Family. Thank you ladies!


Kenzie Fell: Celebrating 1 year

What have you learned over your first year at MB?

Kenzie: “I am so lucky to say that at age 25, I have found my dream job! Everyone always said, if you love what you do – you won’t work a day in your life. I finally understand what that means now that I’m a part of the McGohan Brabender family. This last year has flown by, but it also feels like I’ve been here for years!

The culture at MB is unbelievable. It’s my job to showcase our wonderful people, our incredible history and the commitment to our communities – and it’s so easy to do! I have unlimited amounts of content to share and I am honored to be trusted with the responsibility to show our brand off to the world (all while making health insurance and employee benefits easier to understand!). #MB4EVER”


Jennifer Lyzwa: Celebrating 1 Year

When you reflect on your past year at MB, what comes to mind?

Jennifer: “It’s crazy to think it’s already been one year! Working at MB has been a wonderful and amazing experience. From the moment of my first interview all the way to now, my one-year anniversary, I have not only felt welcomed but viewed as a valued employee. I was asked what I love most about MB and it’s the culture, without a doubt. The culture here is second-to-none. MB is like a big family with incredible people inside the company walls. People work extremely hard and you can see that the leadership sees this and respects everyone.

I come in knowing that we are not only working together as a huge team, but we are also here to help our clients every step of the way. We are also given time and support to give back to the community, something that every company needs to put into place. Volunteering and helping others are things I had not experienced before at my former employer and it truly means a lot to be out there and help in any way we can. I have learned so much this past year- not only about health insurance (literally something new every day!), but also about people. I have heard so many incredible stories from my coworkers, from clients, and from our clients’ employees. It makes me proud to work for such an amazing organization.

I always tell my husband and other family/friends that there are very few companies around today that people truly love working for – called “unicorn companies”. I have found my “unicorn company” in MB. It’s a one-of-a-kind company that I am extremely lucky and grateful to work for!”


McKenna Bailey: Celebrating 1 Year

What’s your favorite thing about MB?

McKenna: “My favorite thing about MB is the people. I can honestly say that my coworkers make coming to work every day exciting. I have met friends here that I will keep for a lifetime.”


Jean Marten: Celebrating 26 years

What do you love about MB?

Jean: “I love the positive working environment at MB.  I wake up every morning feeling happy about going to work.  My colleagues are supportive, while also challenging themselves and others to do their best.  This allows us, as a company, to serve our clients with excellence!”