We are extremely grateful to have so many good, smart people that work tremendously hard for us every day. We want to celebrate these people and their decision to be a part of the MB family! Thank you all for everything you do, you make our company a better place.

We asked several employees who are celebrating their July work-i-versaries some questions about their time at McGohan Brabender.


Greg: Celebrating 2 Years

What has your time at MB taught you?

Greg: “I feel I have grown immensely as a professional in my two years at MB. I’ve learned to work with people and work for people. Another thing I appreciate so much is how understanding MB is of family life, and the flexibility to handle things when they happen unexpectedly (as they often do!). I really feel valued as a person here, and that’s a big deal!”

Sara: Celebrating 2 Years

What sticks out to you when you think “MB” ?

Sara: “MB has created an environment that is very welcoming and truly shows our values that we have displayed on our walls. The value that sticks out the most to me is our sense of family encompasses our home, our work, and our community. Here at McGohan Brabender, we truly are one big family.”

Suzanne: Celebrating 3 Years

As you reflect on your time at MB, what stands out?

Suzanne: “My three years at MB has flown by.  I love working at MB and have made great friendships.  I appreciate that everyone is empowered to do their job and do what is right for our customers.  We care about one another – both in what’s going on at work, but also what’s going on outside of work.  People take the time to listen and be present.  It’s truly a gift to come to work every day and work with people I love.  Our MB Gives Back allows us to give back to our communities; it was especially meaningful to give back to the families that were impacted by the tornadoes in our areas recently – we collected supplies at our offices as well as donating our time and I felt we truly were able to help those in need.”

Todd: Celebrating 5 Years

What do you like the most about MB?

Todd: “I am happy to be at an organization that not only permits provoking clients to consider cutting edge strategies, but encourages it.”

Matt: Celebrating 9 Years

What knowledge has MB left you over the years?

Matt: “My biggest lesson while working at MB has been discovering what makes a difference in this community. The businesses we are fortunate to represent do some incredible things. I have learned that those businesses differentiators are the people inside each organization. In the walls of MB we say, “You’ll never get in trouble for taking care of a customer.”  You can never go wrong and will get the most reward by taking care of people.  At the end of the day, if we serve the people in our communities our purpose has greater meaning.”