Here at MB, we like to give our wonderful employees the recognition they deserve. We hope that their experiences at McGohan Brabender leave them with a sense of purpose and belonging within our little family.

In this month of June, we want to celebrate those who have significant time on their sheet at MB. These are good, smart people who deserve recognition for their achievements.


Allie Paesani: Celebrating 1 Year

Why do you love MB?

Allie: “I love MB because they care so much about their employees and customers and treat everyone like family!”


Karina Nudelman: Celebrating 1 Year

Do you have any thoughts or reflections on this past year at MB?

Karina: “I feel so fortunate to have started at MB straight out of college, because I have seen some of the struggles my friends and peers have gone through while trying to find a place where they feel appreciated and challenged and heard as new graduates, and I have felt that respect and appreciation from day one here. In the past year, I have learned more about the industry than I thought possible, and I attribute this to the extraordinary people I’ve learned from and worked with at MB. It’s hard to imagine a work culture where your team members and coworkers feel like family, but at MB, your colleagues really do want you to succeed and grow, and are willing to help you at every step of the way. I am so thankful to have found my way here, and am excited to see what my second year at MB has in store!”




Sara Evans: Celebrating 1 Year

When reflecting on your first year, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Sara: “I’m very grateful for the opportunity MB has given me.  My first year as gone so fast and has been filled with lots of learning, meeting great people, and becoming part of the MB family.  I love the company’s commitment to its employees, customers, and our community and I’m so proud to say I work at MB!”


Ashley Puterbaugh: Celebrating 5 Years

What’s the BEST thing about working at MB?
Ashley: “There are so many great things about working at MB – flexibility is one of them. I have two small children; it’s great to know I can be there for my girls and MB understands. Which leads me to the family values at MB – it’s truly amazing! When you’re here, you’re family, and you can feel it. Also, I can’t even describe how much knowledge I have gained in the industry since I started working at MB!  What a great five years it has been!”


Kate Tracey: Celebrating 5 Years

What do you love the most about MB?
Kate: “There are many things I love about MB but what I love the most is the people. I work with a great team of Financial Analysts and I’m so grateful to be part of this team for the last five years. I feel that I’ve learned so much about the industry but I know things are always changing and there’s always more to learn! I love my work at MB and I’m so glad I moved to Dayton to be here!”



Kim Collier: Celebrating 15 Years

What’s your favorite quote you’ve heard over the years?
Kim: ” I have an email folder full of wonderful quotes.  But the ones I recall most often are from Pat.

  • You will never get in trouble for doing the right thing

  • People will forget what you say to them but they will never forget how you make them feel

Both can be applied to my career at McGohan and at home. Basic quotes that have impact. My favorite thing about MB? The values of McGohan are Family, Integrity, Teamwork, Knowledge and Communication.  This makes the organization stand out!  It is 15 years later and the leadership of McGohan stays true to the values they created.”