Mcgohan Brabender Logo. Caption reads "Introducing the interns. Summer Internship 2020."

Sadly, our interns are heading into their final weeks at McGohan Brabender. The Coronavirus may have altered their typical internship experience, but we have loved getting to know each student whether it be over Zoom, Teams, or a phone call! Watching them grow both personally and professionally is worth every web conference! 

Our final intern to round out theIntroducing the Interns series is Financial Analytics Services intern, Carter PoseyThis Dayton, Ohio native is a Junior at Indiana University majoring in Business Analytics  and minoring in Spanish. Let’s learn a little bit more about Carter… 


  1. INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE:At IU, Carter is involved in many extracurricular activities… but the one he is most proud of?! His involvement with the university’s endowment fund! Carter is a part of a student-run organization that handles Indiana’s endowment fund and he gets to learn about properly managing and investing money into the market. Carter loves that he is making a difference by being able to help the school make smart financial decisions so they can offer more opportunities to their students. I can tell you one thing is for certain after Carter’s summer at MB… his stock is surely rising! 
  2. WHY MB?!: Word of mouth! One of Carter’s friends served as an intern at McGohan Brabender a couple of years ago and he shared how great of an experience he had! Carter has a passion for learning about insurance, as well as being able to find trends in data, which made him a perfect fit for MB.Once Carter learned about the cool projects interns got to participate in and lead at McGohan Brabender, he was eager to apply for the program… and the rest is history! 
  3. WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!: We all have those things  we would like to try, but just never have the time to doIf there were 25 hours in a day, what would you do with that extra hour!? For Carter, he would spend his extra hour of the day boxing. Carter has always wanted to take boxing lessons but has never gotten the chance! He thinks it would be a great workout and a great stress reliever. Carter and Luke, our second FAS intern, are the perfect 1-2 punch! 
  4. FREE AS A BIRD: If Carter had to choose one animal to be – this saying says it all! He would be a bird. He loves how a bird is free to go where it wants, when it wants, with no wait. Carter chose a bird because he could travel to different places quickly and see the world from a different perspective. Carter doesn’t like staying in one place for too long, which is why a bird is his perfect spirit animal.  One thing is for sure, with Carter’s work ethic and attitude, he is  sure to fly high in whatever he chooses to do. 
  5. “I THINK… TEAM FIRST.”One of Carter’s favorite activities to do outside of school and work is to watch and play basketball. Recognize that quote? Carter is a huge Lebron James fan, so he will cheer for whatever team he is playing for that season. Carter also enjoys playing pickup basketball at the IU rec. On the weekends, you can find him playing a pickup game with his best friends. 
  6. THOUGHTS ON MB:During his summer at MB, Carter has learned a lot but one idea stood out to him. He has learned that McGohan Brabender is filled with people who are committed to their jobs and want what is best for their clients. Carter believes that it is more than “just a job to the employees at McGohan Brabender, its a friendship. The employees here will drop everything to help a client solve a problem and he believes this is what sets MB apart from other companies. Carter has loved his time at McGohan Brabender and is looking forward to learning more throughout the end of his internship! 


We are so glad to have Carter as an intern at McGohan Brabender!