Mcgohan Brabender Logo. Caption reads "Introducing the interns. Summer Internship 2020."

Its hard to believe that our summer interns have already been with us for eight weeks. All of them continue to excel in their positions and have shown exceptional growth. We are so grateful for every one of our interns, but today we are recognizing Sales Intern, Danny Mackzum. Danny will be a senior this fall at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Insurance and Risk Management and minoring in Sales. We are so excited to have Danny as our UC Co-Op for the 2020-2021 school year. Let’s get to know this Mason, Ohio native a little more… 


  1. BEARCAT BUDDIESOne of Danny’s favorite things to do while he is not in class or at work is to participate in an on-campus organization called “Bearcat Buddies”. This is an organization where college students are paired with an elementary school student and serve as their tutor. Danny lends a helping hand to fifth and sixth graders struggling in math and science. For Danny, there is no better feeling than helping a younger student learn and gain confidence in whatever subject they are struggling with. 
  2. WHY MB?!: I know many may roll their eyes when they hear the word “networking.” However, Danny is living proof of its importanceDanny made a connection in college that led him to Vice President and Managing Shareholder of the MB Cincinnati office, Erick Schmidt. Knowing that Erick worked at a health insurance brokerage firm, Danny decided to pick his brain about the industry and McGohan Brabender. Erick told Danny about the Cincinnati Co-Op that MB offers and spiked Danny’s interest. Erick shared how great of a company Mis and its continued growth – and Danny was sold! He applied the next day for the Co-Op and the rest is history!  
  3. DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES: Just like Guy Fieri, one of Danny’s favorite things to do on the weekends is scoping out the tastiest hidden gems in Cincinnati. Whether it be Montgomery Inn, Incline House or Taste of Belgium, Danny loves to find new restaurants that are unique to the Cincinnati area. If you are looking for a spot to eat in Cincinnati… you know who to call! 
  4. LIFE IS A HIGHWAY”: If you are a Rascal Flatts fan, these words hold a special meaning to you. While driving to work, Danny loves to queue up some of Rascal Flatts’ greatest hits. I mean, let’s be honest… is it really summer if you haven’t jammed out to some country with the windows down?! 
  5. “AND WE HAVE A WINNER!”: Everyone dreams of winning the lottery at some point in their life. You think, “Oh the things I could do with all of that extra money…” For Dannythe first thing he would do with his money is buy a house and pay for it in cash. He loves the idea of being able to pay for a house upfront and not have to worry about a mortgage. One thing is for sure — MB hit the lottery when Danny applied to be an intern! 
  6. THOUGHTS ON MB: Danny has learned so much from the MB Consultants that he works with daily. One of his favorite things about being an intern at MB is the fact that they give their interns work that matters. Danny is constantly busy with new tasks and is even working on a benchmarking project that he is going to present at the end of his internship. He feels that the projects given to him have helped MB grow smarter and stronger! Danny also loves how welcoming and helpful all of his co-workers are. He feels that his team members want him to succeed and grow professionally. This is just one of the many things that makes MB such a special place! 


We are so glad to have Danny as an intern at McGohan Brabender!