Mcgohan Brabender Logo. Caption reads "Introducing the interns. Summer Internship 2020."

I don’t know about you, but this summer seems to be flying by! Can you believe we are already in the middle of June?! This week, we introduce you to another MB summer intern, Emily Keller! Emily is a junior at the University of Dayton and hails from Stevensville, Maryland. She majors in Accounting and is an intern in our Finance Department this summer. Let’s learn more about Emily by reading some fun facts…


  1. FAITH AND FITNESS: One of Emily’s favorite spots on campus is the Rec Center. Emily teaches cycling and other workout classes for the “Faith and Fitness organization at UD. This is something Emily loves to do because it allows her to bring her two passions together while helping others become better versions of themselves!
  2. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS: Emily has known for a very long time that she wanted to study and pursue a career as an accountant. One of her goals is to one day, work for the government! Emily’s dream job would be to become an accountant for the government or a government contractor. 
  3. WHY MB?: There are a lot of companies that you can intern for, so we asked Emily why she chose to apply at McGohan Brabender! Her response was, “My roommate’s mom worked for the company and she talked about how McGohan Brabender is a great place to work! I also knew that I wanted to stay in Ohio for the summer and the internship opportunity with MB allowed me to do so.” We are so happy that Emily decided to stick around and work towards her dream career at MB!
  4. FACE YOUR FEARS: Emily admits that she is a naturally shy person and describes herself as an introvert! Getting up in front of a large group of people isn’t something she loves to do. But in order to continue her passion and teach fitness classes through the “Faith and Fitness” program, she had to face this fear head-on! During class, she is in front of dozens of her peers and the spotlight is on her. Emily considers this to be her proudest accomplishment in the past five years and would not have been able to do what she loves if she didn’t conquer this fear!
  5. THE PERFECT WEEKEND: The ideal weekend for Emily involves nature, friends, and fun! Emily loves to stay active and one of her favorite ways to stay active is to hike. She loves to walk on the trails in the region and take in all the beauty that nature has to offer. When she’s not working, you will catch her hanging out with her best friends!
  6. THOUGHTS ON MB: Emily has learned so much in her first few weeks at McGohan Brabender! Her knowledge of McGohan Brabender as a company and her career field in accounting has increased. One of the most interesting concepts she has learned so far is the posting process that MB uses for accounting. She has learned how to use internal tools such as Salesforce to help with this process. She finds the accounting field extremely interesting and is excited to learn more from her colleagues. 


We are so excited to have Emily as an intern at McGohan Brabender!