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Picture of Hunter Holt in front of a brick wall.It’s Friday and you know what that means?! It’s time to introduce another McGohan Brabender summer intern! Hunter Holt will be beginning his senior year this fall at Ohio Christian University. While at Ohio Christian, Hunter is studying Business Management with a minor in Marketing. Hunter grew up in Liberty Township, Ohio, and is serving as our 51-99 Account Team Segment intern. Let’s get to know Hunter a little better by finding out some fun facts about him…

  1. AN ATHLETE AT HEART: If you are looking for Hunter around campus, odds are you will find him on the baseball fieldHunter plays outfield for the Trailblazers baseball team. For Hunter, playing baseball is all about building relationships, while having fun playing the sport that he loves. Whether it is on or off the field, Hunter enjoys the bond he builds with his teammates who have turned into lifelong friends.
  2. GUESS WHO’S BACK?!: Hunter’s name might sound familiar to some of you… because he’s back for summer number two! Hunter was given the opportunity to rejoin the internship program at MB, but this time with another department. Last summer, Hunter worked with the Sales team but knew he knew he had to explore different roles which is why he is working with our 51-99 Account Team Segment this summer! Hunter knew he wanted to return to MB because he found the insurance industry extremely interesting and felt that there was still more for him to learn at MB. 
  3. IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE…: When asked what superpower Hunter would have – he responded with, “Easy, I wish that I could fly!” With the ability to fly, Hunter would love to be able to get places fast and feel the sense of freefalling. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is a skill we will be able to teach him during his internship.
  4. CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT: Hunter is a big fan of music. He says he couldn’t go a day without it due to its prevalence in his life. Whether it is listening to music on the way home from work, or listening to music while exercising, this is an everyday necessity for him! His favorite genre of music is alternative, but in the summer, he loves to listen to country music. Looking for playlist recommendations?! Give Hunter a call!
  5. CRUISING ALONG: It’s summertime and vacation is on a lot of people’s minds! Hunter is no exception. He once took a cruise to the Bahamas and loved every second of it – putting cruises at the top of his vacation favorites. The highlight of this trip for Hunter was being able to hike through the rainforest and take in all of the beautiful sights that the Bahamian landscapes provided.
  6. THOUGHTS ON MB: There are so many things to learn while working at McGohan Brabender, but one main virtue stood out to Hunter in his time here last summer. Hunter learned that MB is more than an insurance brokerage firm, its a family. Everyone in the office wants to see each other succeed in whatever they are pursuing. Whether it be helping a client find the best healthcare plan for their company or helping an intern learn new software – everyone helps everyone. We all want to succeed at MB and be the best version of ourselves, and the only way to do that is by helping others. 

 We are so excited to have Hunter back as an intern at McGohan Brabender! 

Hunter playing baseball

Family hiking