Mcgohan Brabender Logo. Caption reads "Introducing the interns. Summer Internship 2020."

It’s Friday here at McGohan Brabender, which leads us to our favorite part of the week… introducing yet another one of our amazing interns. This week our Introducing the Interns series will highlight Julia Dayspring, our MB Advocate intern. Julia is an Oakwood, Ohio native majoring in Marketing at the University of Cincinnati. Julia is going to be a senior at UC this year. There is so much to learn about Julia so let’s dive in! 


  1. CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’: If Julia could escape to any vacation spot in the world, it would have to be Santa Monica, California. Julia loves Santa Monica because there are so many things to do there – whether it be grabbing a bite to eat at the famous Santa Monica Pier and hanging out at the beach, or diving into the rich history of Santa Monica and the surrounding cities.There is always a California adventure around the corner. 
  2. WHY MB?!: I think most of us at some point in time have learned about the importance of connections in the workplace and Julia is living proof of that! Julia had a connection to Lauren Hemm, MB’s Recruiting Coordinator, which helped her get her foot in the door. Lauren shared with Julia how amazing it is to work at MB and how great the culture is. After hearing Lauren speak so highly about McGohan Brabender, Julia knew this was the right company for her!  
  3. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!: One thing that most people don’t know about Julia is that she has a passion for the entertainment industry. Music, dance, theater, acting… she loves it all! As a matter of fact, Julia’s dream job is to be a marketing coordinator for a major entertainment company. Go out there and “break a leg” Julia! 
  4. THE DOPPELGANGER EFFECT:Have you ever done a double-take because you saw a stranger that looked like someone you knew?! For Julia’s friends and family, this happens whenever they see Reese Witherspoon on TV. Many of her friends think that she looks exactly like Reese. Julia even said that if someone made a movie about her life – she would want Reese Witherspoon to be cast as her because of their resemblance! 
  5. THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Julia’s perfect weekend is pretty simple… spending quality time with her loved ones. Her favorite activity to do on the weekends is getting together with some friends and relaxing around the house. Working fulltime leaves Julia little time during the week to kick back and relax, so on the weekends, she likes to take things slow and enjoy her time off! 
  6. THOUGHTS ON MB: While at MB, Julia has gotten the opportunity to learn a lot of great information from some very skilled coworkers. In addition to learning information about her career field, she has also learned a lot about MB as a company. Julia knew that MB had a great culture already established, but it is different when experiencing it for yourself. One concept that Julia had learned about MB and loves the most is their acceptance of newcomers. When she first started working for the Advocate Team, she was a little nervous. All of her nerves were put to ease when her team welcomed her with open arms. They were so helpful in getting her acclimated to work during this difficult time. Julia believes that this is something unique to MB. Their acceptance towards new hires and their willingness to help is what sets McGohan Brabender apart from other companies! 


We are so glad to have Julia as an intern at McGohan Brabender!