Mcgohan Brabender Logo. Caption reads "Introducing the interns. Summer Internship 2020."

Summer is in full swing and our interns are already finishing up week six at McGohan Brabender! We are so excited to introduce you to our next intern — Luke Stechschulte! Luke is working in our Financial Analytics Services department this summer. Luke is a senior at Wright State University and majoring in Management Information Systems. Let’s get to know this Kettering, OH native a little bit better! 


  1. SPORTS FANATIC: If you’re looking for someone to fill you in on what’s happening in the sports world Luke is your guy!In his free time, Luke loves to watch and play sports, especially basketball. Luke enjoys nothing more than getting some buddies together and playing a pickup game of basketball at the Rec Center. His favorite NBA team to watch is the Denver Nuggets. If you don’t see him in the Rec Center, you’ll find him on the field playing a game of flag football! 
  2. WHY MB?!: There are so many reasons why MB is a great company to work for, but what stood out to Luke and made him choose to spend his summer here? The deciding factor for Luke was the culture that has been established at MB. Luke’s mom worked for McGohan Brabender and she raved about her job and the people that she got to work with every day! That feeling is something Luke was looking for in a company! Once he heard his mom talk so highly about the culture and work she did at MB — he was sold! 
  3. “EVERYBODY STAY CALM!…”:Are there are Dunder Mifflin fans out there who recognize that line? It’s from Luke’s favorite TV show — The Office. He enjoys the series so much, he admits that he has watched it over seven times! Michael Scott is his favorite character in the show. Luke loves how funny and at times, relatable the show can be. 
  4. SHOOT FOR THE STARS: Luke’s dream job is to be a Data Analytics Specialist for an NFL teamDoing Analytics for a professional sports organization would allow him to join two of his passions together! He would love to analyze player stats and guide general managers in making decisions on recruiting and who to add to the team.  
  5. BUCKET LIST: Everyone has that one thing they would love to do – but just hasn’t had the opportunity or time!Luke’s number one spot on his Bucket List… traveling abroad! Luke has only traveled within the United States and would love the opportunity to discover and learn more about the cultures of different countries around the world. Maybe next summer, Luke – we are glad to have you at MB this year! 😉 
  6. THOUGHTS ON MB: During his time here, Luke has learned so much about his career field and the jobs he might pursue after graduation. He has also discovered a lot about the FAS team and MB as a company. He knew his mom loved the culture at MB, but now Luke knows first-hand how special our atmosphere is. He says it is different to experience it in person and loves how everyone is always offering a helping hand! Whether it is inside or outside of work, everyone at McGohan Brabender is willing to help you reach success! 


We are so glad to have Luke as an intern at McGohan Brabender!