I was scrolling along on my online shopping site for digital coupons… and my lord, it took me forever to get through all the toothpaste, the brushes, the mouth wash, the whiteners… and of course, the always forgotten floss. Someone is trying to tell us something.

Our dentists are lonely.

Dentists have been stressing the importance of bi-annual preventive cleanings, and we have ignored that call. For over two years, we have been wearing a mask… well, mostly, so now more than ever, our mouths need our attention. These masks have turned us into mouth-breathers causing dry mouth, and our saliva keeps us from getting cavities; hence, the pandemic has branched out to cause “COVID Cavities.”

If you recall, your dental hygienist was probably wearing a mask years ago, before COVID. With gloves, the spit guard, AND the mask, they have had the protective gear for a long time. It is improbable you will catch anything from going to the dentist except a good cleaning…a long, long overdue cleaning.

I am not trying to give the masks a bad wrap because there are other reasons that our teeth have started to rot, especially with our teenagers. Being home all day, with the ability to grab a snack the very second their tummies growl, fuels the sugar intake to an extremely high level. Not good.

I heard on the radio the other day… no idea what the product was for, but the message was clear, “the world is re-opening.” We are allowed to go, to be out, to resume life. It is time to get back into those practices that keep our life going. At MB, we have reported how preventive exams can do much more than ‘check the box’ – Your body is complex but integrated beyond belief. Simply getting your teeth clean will help you live forever… um… I mean longer.

Parents, you need to keep up the practice to teach those early learners. I even challenged my post-college-age kids via text… “I’m flossing tonight; wanna join me!” My daughter asked if I was dancing. 😊 Never have I ever.

Now I want to clarify, don’t stop wearing the mask when it is required, but by all means, the call to action today, call your dentist and get your preventive cleaning.


Written by Media Communications Specialist, Jeanne Boozell