Communication & Engagement

Thinking Beyond the Booklet

If you’re looking for benefits booklets, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Traditional printed booklets end up in the bottom of a drawer for a reason – nobody reads them.

Today, people prefer paperless communication. We get our news and stay in touch via video, text, email, and social media. Why should your benefits be any different? We can show how to deliver benefits communication in a way that’s easy, effective and cost-efficient.

Data shows that engaged employees are good for a company’s bottom line. We can increase engagement through psychographic segmentation. Psychographics classifies people according to their motivations, priorities and communication preferences. So you can target their key motivators in your communications. We’ve long known that some employees respond to your communications and some don’t. Now we know why, and how to change it.

Our long-running Learning Center program brings in regional and national instructors. We cover timely topics like compliance, engagement and workforce development. All sessions have HRCI and SHRM accreditation, and we present them at no cost to you.

We also host a number of events throughout the year that address legislative developments, funding strategies and other important issues to help your business plan for the future.

And our podcast, Side Affects: Disrupting Health Care, offers refreshing and revealing insights that will make your commute time go a little faster.

We’ve learned a lot since the days that benefits booklets ruled. We’ve embraced new ways to communicate, engage and drive results.


Our team has learned that videos are the most engaging vehicle to use when trying to explain complex health care topics. If you are looking for ways to reduce your health care spend, consider drug adherence, tele-medicine and other “after hours” options and more. With the right education, we can keep health care costs down, if we use the right health care solution… at the right time.

We are eager to share our knowledge with you… take a look at these videos to learn more!