It never fails. You have the best intentions to stay on top of your to-do list, but at the peak of your chaotic day, sending an email about your health care plan doesn’t make the cut. Thankfully, we have a way to control the chaos. AccelerateGo! can put your communication distribution on autopilot via text, voicemail or email and put your mind at ease. Not only is the essential information being delivered, you are able to track your employee’s engagement. Schedule it, and then forget about it – we will take it from there.


“The AccelerateGo! Program has significantly increased awareness in our employee benefits program. By tailoring and scheduling messages to arrive during specific times of the year has allowed us to create a meaningful impact in engaging and educating our participants. The talented McGohan Brabender team made it very easy to implement the program with only minimal effort and collaborated with us to come up with a schedule and content to fit our needs. To deliver targeted messages at precisely the right time and do so by text, phone or email has allowed us to provide a coordinated and consistent approach to communicate with our participants…wherever they are. I highly recommend the AccelerateGo! Program by McGohan Brabender to assist you with your employee benefit communications.” – Francis Manufacturing Company HR Director

Accelerate Go! Email Example

Accelerate Go! Text Example

AccelerateGo! Voicemail ExamplePDF file explaining the use of AccelerateGo!

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