Social Media

Don’t Just Follow … Lead!

Social media isn’t the future. It’s the right now. It’s come a long way since March 2006, when Twitter founder Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet: “just setting up my twitter.”

Today, social media is influencing every aspect of business. You can fight it or you can embrace it, but you can’t ignore it.  It’s a key communication tool that, when done right, can build awareness, inspire loyalty and drive engagement. McGohan Brabender is all-in with social media, and we can work with you to take advantage of this game-changer.

We believe in showcasing our culture, events, employees and business ideas on every social platform. Customers and members of the community want an inside look of what MB is all about and we are happy to share! Whether it’s a tweet, Facebook event, LinkedIn post, Instagram picture or pin on Pinterest — you will get to know the McGohan Brabender family one like at a time.

Still not convinced that social media has permanently changed the way business gets done? Let’s recall another first in communication, in March 1876: “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.”

Yeah. Some people thought the telephone was just a fad, too.


Pill bottle with pills spilling out. Each pill has a social media logo on it. Caption reads "get your daily dose of MB updates by following us on social media!"

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