Employer Resources | COVID-19

Employer Do’s and Don’ts – COVID-19 Coronavirus Webinar by Bob Dunlevey & Nadia Lampton – 3/31/2020
Powerpoint Slides for Webinar – 3/31/2020



How COVID-19 Could Impact your Business Insurance 3/23/2020


McGohan Brabender – Special Learning Center Webinar Happening April 30th at 10:00 am EST

5 Tips for Onboarding Employees Remotely During the Coronavirus Pandemic – 3/25/2020

Creative Ways to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic – 3/19/2020

Cyber Criminals Seeking to Capitalize on Coronavirus – 3/19/2020

Flexbank- FSA Q&A – 3/19/2020

Businesses/Employers Guidelines for COVID-19 – 3/10/2020

SHRM: Communicable Disease Response- Guide for Employers


HR Compliance: Coronavirus in the Workplace

NEW – EEOC Issues Employer Guidance on Coronavirus and the ADA

Manager HIPAA Guidelines – 3/6/2020


COVID, Flu, Allergies, Cold Flowchart – 3/19/2020

How Long Does Coronavirus Live on Different Surfaces? – 3/20/2020


Office Closing for COVID-10 Letter Template – 3/20/2020

Coronavirus Employee Letter Template


List of COVID-19 Testing Sites – Southwest Ohio Region – 3/18/2020

HDHP – Relief for Testing and Treatment of COVID-19 – 3/11/2020


What cancer patients, their family and caregivers need to know about COVID-19 – 4/1/2020

American Cancer Society Podcast Theory Lab: information on COVID-19 from top medical leadership – 4/1/2020

April is Stress Awareness Month: Give your employees the tools to deal with stress – 4/1/2020

Midmark: Grocery Shopping + Gas Pumping Preventative Measures – 4/1/2020

Coping with COVID-19 Challenge – 3/27/2020

Wellbeats Offer Through April 30

WellnessIQ – Tips to Remain Focused and Engaged

Mental Wellness Under Quarantine – WellWorks

HealthCheck360 Guide and Hotline for Coronavirus

Coronavirus Tooklit for Employee Wellbeing

Yale’s “Happiness Course” is free online

Coping with Stress – COVID-19 Handout – 3/23/2020

Mental Well-Being During Quarantine

American Heart Association: Fight Stress with Healthy Habits

American Heart Association: Tips for Fighting Stress


Working from Home Ergonomic Tips – 3/30/2020

Employee Work From Home Guide

Working From Home During a Coronavirus Outbreak

Tips for Working From Home Effectively – 3/13/2020

How Working Parents Can Prepare For Coronavirus Closures – 3/10/2020


Sanitizing your Organization

Workplace Do’s and Don’ts With COVID-19 – 3/13/2020

Important Updates on Coronavirus and the Workplace -3/23/2020

COVID-19 And Your Workplace Checklist – 3/18/2020


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