Presenter, Anne Thompson of Aileron
Wednesday, April 14, 2021 9:00-10:30 am |
Leading Powerful Conversations

“Authentically Lead with Your Communication”

Your conversations are what help others feel seen, heard, and valued.  Your leadership is deeply rooted in your ability to empower others through conversation.  If you want to empower others and build an authentic working relationship, it is time you consistently use conversation to help you and your people do their best thinking and deliver their best work.

Consider your daily conversations; are you achieving the outcomes you want? Will the results help advance the business? Or can you think of a conversation that has been lingering on your mind because you are dreading the thought of having it? This interactive session arms you with key skills to help shift conversations so the dialogue becomes more constructive and solution oriented. It will spark new ideas while still staying authentic to who are you as a leader. Bring these key tools back to your team to improve your organization’s ability to lead powerful conversations with customers, partners, each other, and more.

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