Getting AHEAD in the “New Work World” –

Our work world has changed in the last two years. “Getting Ahead” no longer means just “moving up.” It can mean something different for each worker as their career progresses and life changes. Some may want more flexibility, and others may want more visibility/impact. All will want chances to learn to continue to grow. “Getting Ahead” now also means being ready for opportunities. Because if you aren’t ready in time, you may miss your chance. This session will discuss what has/will change (and what hasn’t), how those changes have created opportunities, and attitudes/behavior that will hold you back. It’s for anyone wanting to progress in their career and “get ahead in the New Work World.”

Kristi Dinsmore is a Founding Partner of Carter Fraser Inc., a growth-focused consulting firm that helps organizations drive profitable growth. Kristi is Master Certified in the Birkman Method and one of the world’s top experts using the Chally assessment for leadership development.