Due to COVID-19, all Learning Centers will now be presented as webinars.

Progressive Concepts:

This is one of our highly anticipated speakers. Justin Howard’s hands-on presentations get you thinking about you and your engagement with your team.  This session gives the understanding of the neuroscience behind our brain’s priorities in what it thinks is keeping us safe.

The older we are, the less measured novelty our brain looks for. So, as a team member, we need to embrace other team members and how they may approach their creativity based on their development of their brain.   It may require us to remove the natural approach of self-preservation and put ourselves ‘out there’ a bit.

Re-orienting ourselves to the collective creativity and novelty of the group. How do we work inside the group, depending on the age of our brain and its level of creativity?

Training Focus:

Attendees will have hands on training  to learn Group Exercises that reveal

our behaviors and take away the explanation of desirable behaviors, paired with exercises that created desired experiences.

This class is approved for 2 HRCI and SHRM CE Credits

Presenter: Justin Howard

Justin is the founder of Black Box Improv Theater in Dayton and lead facilitator at Emerge Improv, a professional training and coaching organization dedicated to workplace and individual development. Justin graduated from Wittenberg University with a degree in communication and studied improv in Chicago and New York City. He started improv training for businesses after leading workshops for Harvard Business School MBA students, and his clients include local governments, nonprofits and Fortune 100 companies.