On Becoming a Relentless Leader –

In our ever-complex world, leaders are faced with novel situations with no precedent. They are required to break new ground and forge strategies to inspire those around them and position all for the highest probability of success. If you aspire to lead, you must construct your own brand, which Relentless Leadership enables you to accomplish. This is an exploration of 15 leadership principles providing the opportunity to understand what you believe about being a leader and how you will integrate those beliefs into your brand. Developing your leadership style must be action-based and requires failure. Therefore, Relentless Leaders must live in the Relentless Lifecycle of Explore – Experiment – Evolve.

The Relentless Leadership odyssey will provide the map for the journey.  provides both the foundation and framework for those Relentless Few willing to take their first step to becoming a better leader in helping build a better world for us all.

This is an in-person presentation at our Columbus Office, 475 Metro Place South Suite 300, Dublin, OH

Perry Maughmer has spent the last 30 years on his own Relentless Leadership Odyssey.  He has served as Vistage Chair for groups that offers 100+ business leaders the opportunity to learn and grow with others.  He is also a Senior Partner with Synergistic Systems HC where they focus leveraging data to make better hires, predict candidate success, and better execute on strategy.