Re-Imagining the New Member Journey & Building a Benefit Program to Match – 

COVID has accelerated the exodus of baby boomers from the workplace and replaced them with Millennials. They have become the majority of the benefit-eligible employees, their approach, mindset, and value placed on employee benefits are new to a somewhat outdated communication model. What they value and look for in a benefit program, what engages them, and what ultimately will keep them at an organization is much different than anything we have seen. Employers are trying to apply old business models in a world that will never be the same. This session will show you how to take a step back, re-think the process, and re-invent how you are doing things.


David Homan has been a leader in the employee benefit world for 28 years. Currently he leads a team of creative minds to find simple solutions to complex benefit problems. He is considered an expert on employee engagement and communication.

Richard Johnson consults with business leaders and employees on their employee benefits, HR/benefits technology platforms, and financial protection needs. He is responsible for client retention and development and being aware of the strategic economic direction of the market.