Presenters, Jeff Bruner & Steve Black of Brixey & Meyer
Thursday, December 2, 2021 9:00-10:30 am |
CFO versus HR – Round #2

“Step Outside Your Silo”

Many businesses exist in a world of silos—for example, operations, HR, accounting, IT, marketing, and sales. When siloed, companies fail to be on mission to accomplish their business goals. This structure usually leads to missed opportunities, miscommunication, departmental turf wars, confusion, and disengagement. How can businesses experience long-term success with this arrangement?

Building off his previous presentation, “Ensuring Alignment between HR and the CFO,” Jeff Bruner will join Steve Black to explore and share how Accounting/Finance and Human Resources can be on point to help leaders meet mutual business goals. Together, with business goals in mind, they provide the necessary tools to create long-term growth opportunities.

Jeff and Steve work for the Accounting and Business Advisory Firm Brixey & Meyer, where they lead the CFO Services and HR Services Practice Lines, respectively. They help businesses tackle complex business problems and seize long-term success opportunities. We are lucky to bring their experience to you.  By attending this session, you and your management team can work beyond the silos and understand each department’s component of your overall business goal.

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