Presenter, Joni Fedders of Aileron
Thursday, September 23, 2021 9:00-10:30 am | Leading with a Systems Mindset

“Take Your Organization’s Performance to the Next Level”

Who should attend: This session is designed for business owners and Presidents looking to improve organizational performance. If you’re representing your organization as a member of an HR, operations, or leadership team, bring your President along so you can collaborate about these organizational shifts and learn together.  

What you’ll learn: If you’re caught up in having the same conversations with your team time and time again, there’s a way to end the cycle. This symptom is often an indicator of process problems, not people problems. In 90 minutes together, we’ll introduce how you can recognize opportunities to reduce costs, increase productivity, inspire growth, and champion innovation, all by rethinking how your systems and processes support your business and your people.  

What to expect: Our time together will be highly interactive. You’ll spend time with a facilitator as a large group and break out into small, interactive groups. Come prepared to listen, share, and engage with your peers.  

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