Presenter, Tony Collins of Aileron
Thursday September 23, 2021 9:00-10:30 am |
Introduction to Systems Thinking

“Take Your Organization’s Performance to the Next Level”

Who should attend this class? A business owner or President looking to improve the organization’s performance through making work visible and continual improvement.

When your organization is not performing to your standard, do you look to the people or the process? When is the last time you revisited the system or process used to deliver your product or service, and improve your organization’s performance? There is a way to eliminate having the same conversations with your team over and over again. By attending this session, you will approach the output of your organization, or a system within it, from a different lens given the context of systems view mapping. You will also learn a valuable tool to leverage and recognize significant opportunities to reduce costs while increasing productivity, growth, and innovation across your entire organization.

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