Kelly Zimmerman, Senior Consultant, Leapgen
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 9:00-10:30 am | Diversity & Inclusion

“Technology Creates A Better Work Experience”

Does your day have enough hours to complete your workload? Is your plate so full that it is affecting your motivation?  We get it, and we have the tools to help.  Learn how technology can educate, address, and help overcome the challenges that could be preventing your company from excellence. With technology taking the lead, you can offer a great work experience for your employees as well as inspire new candidates. Join Leapgen’s senior consultant, Kelly Zimmerman, who review Diversity & Inclusion and what technology is doing to discover the barriers and challenges as well as the areas that can be impacted by technology:  talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention and other benefits. Bring it all together, and it creates a better work experience.

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