Bridging Benefits and Talent

Aug 1, 2023

Strategies for Open Enrollment, Employee Engagement, and Recruitment

Your organization cannot unlock new opportunities by sticking to old ways. To effectively attract, retain, and engage your workforce, it’s imperative to let go of outdated processes and mindsets. Your employee benefits program represents a significant organizational expense, but it’s most likely unappreciated. Its value is frequently overlooked because the messaging fails to capture the attention of your audience or fails to resonate with them. Open enrollment is a massive drain on organizational resources, but employees tend to view it as a necessary inconvenience rather than a genuine “employee benefit.” We can help.

This Learning Center combines data, content, psychology, and technology to reshape your open enrollment, recruiting, and ongoing engagement approach. During this session, we will take a deeper dive into the following:

  • The data and psychology that make a case for change
  • Be a Change Catalyst and not a Change Victim
  • Communicate and be strategic about when and howorganizational change occurs
  • Learn how to give context to others regularly
  • Become comfortable in driving change, taking risks, and being a trailblazer
  • Re-imagining generational recruiting materials
  • The power of a 15-minute open enrollment meeting
  • How to prioritize and simplify your messaging
  • Distinguish between “checking a box” and engagingyour workforce
  • Employing effective techniques to break through the clutter and reach your employees
  • Developing an annual content calendar and automating its implementation
  • Seizing opportunities with enthusiasm rather than succumbing to apprehension
  • Utilizing ChatGPT and other readily available technologies to streamline tasks and boost efficiencies


STEVE BROWNE will set the stage with a keynote address on being a change catalyst within your organization. Steve is the Chief People Officer for LaRosa’s, Inc. He has been an HR professional for 35+ years and has worked in the Hospitality, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, and Professional Services industries in various HR roles. Steve is an accomplished speaker who has been featured at local, regional, and national Conferences, Chambers of Commerce, HR chapters, and businesses.The balance of the session will be taught by DAVID HOMAN, Director of Strategy & Innovation at McGohan Brabender. David has been at the forefront of the employee benefits industry for three decades. As the head of Strategy & Innovation, he guides a team of innovative professionals to devise uncomplicated solutions to complex benefit dilemmas. David has lent his expertise as a consultant to various leading national benefit technology organizations, solidifying his reputation as a knowledgeable authority on employee engagement and communication. He has been a featured speaker at several national conferences on technology and engagement.