2021 was another year of adjustment – attempting to get back to habits and routines halted by the global pandemic. McGohan Brabender was blessed to continue creating opportunities to learn, develop, and advance despite all the chaos. First, our scheduled Learning Centers carried on and offered opportunities for clients to be compliant, advance with new approaches to their workforce, and develop strategies in their management style. Secondly, our interns were given a chance to explore and expand their skills within our walls. The MB culture flourishes when we share our knowledge with these types of opportunities, especially in these challenging circumstances. We welcome anyone interested in taking steps forward to improve their situation. A young relative of one of our employees wished to learn more about our marketing team, to confirm film editing was a path for him. Logically one goes to an insurance broker to learn how to edit media! 😉 Well, our Media Specialist, Malisa Simco, was the perfect host for Justin to get a taste of the MB passion.   

As we end the year, we look forward to all the incredible opportunities MB can bring to those passionate individuals, just like Justin!  Read about Justin’s recent visit with the MB Strategy and Innovation team while putting another episode of Side Affects Podcast together.  

“I had a wonderful experience with the Strategy and Innovation team at McGohan Brabender. I was unsure how it would relate to what I was looking for in the media field. But, I was blown away by how much I connected to it and was so familiar with almost every concept. Everyone on the team was very nice and appreciated my passion and enthusiasm for media production. Almost every piece of equipment and program was familiar to me, and that made me very excited to learn how the team used it in their productions. In fact, I own a smaller version of the Elgato Stream Deck that they use to switch screens and turn lights on and off. I also really enjoyed not only the production of the podcast but the actual subject matter of it. It really put into perspective the things that everyone has done during the last two years due to the pandemic. Overall, I was beyond impressed and enjoyed the time I got to learn about the team’s production. I wish MB the best of success in the future.”

pictured above, Justin Stanley