President Trumps’ recent proposal to allow legal purchasing of certain medications from Canada has everyone in a stir. Trump is the first president to have the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Health and Human Services (HHS) with medical drug importation from our northern neighbors. It is reported that President Trump forgot to ask the Canadian drug manufacturers if they would be willing to play along with this opportunity for those U.S. citizens in need. The Canadian government has conveyed that with the already low supply of medication, they will take care of their citizens first.

Politics will continue to dominate this conversation. Considering one of President Trump’s 2016 campaign promises was to reduce the cost of drug prices. It continues to be on his platform for 2020 as well.

Back before internet access, to secretly get medical drugs from Canada, it was so hip! It has been a ‘club’ that everyone wants to be a member of, and yet, since the ability to purchase online, U.S. shoppers have been stocking their shopping carts full of less expensive Canadian pills… or so they thought. Come to find out cheap drugs may be coming from China and other countries.

Again, this is only for certain drugs. Probably the most requested, and the highest increase has been insulin for American diabetics. Sorry folks, this drug did not make the cut.

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