As you are aware, certain provisions of the contract for services between United Healthcare and Premier Health Network have expired effective April 30 despite ongoing negotiations.

What does this mean for UHC policyholders and UMR clients that utilize UHC networks? What do you do if you require medical services? We are directing you to this special website established by UHC that will answer many of your questions.

This issue of health care cost is important. As a community, we must go through this together – not under the issue, around it or over it. The health care cost in our community is significantly higher than Cincinnati and slightly higher than Columbus, and if we are going to keep our community growing, we must address the issue of cost, boldly.

McGohan Brabender is continuing to monitor the situation and will keep you apprised of any developments. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact your McGohan Brabender representative.