Healthier employees mean fewer claims. Fewer claims mean lower costs.

First things first.

Employers must answer the fundamental question posed by the Affordable Care Act:

Will you pay or play?

Most employers will continue to offer a health plan. But that doesn’t mean business as usual; health care reform has altered the course of employee benefits by imposing new taxes and fees, on top of ever-increasing costs for medical services.

You need a short- and long-term strategy to lower costs, improve health and sustain results. You need Empowering Healthier Living.

EHL is McGohan Brabender’s innovative response to rising health care costs. It’s a program that has a measurable impact and can be customized to fit your needs.

It begins with Core Beliefs, a guided discussion with representatives of your organization to determine your goals and expectations for a benefits plan. Every organization is unique, and MB will help you formulate a plan that reflects your company’s philosophy and how far you’re willing to go to control costs.

The EHL plan is designed to hit three targets:

  • Identify your high-risk population
  • Transform that population to reverse their risk
  • Hold employees accountable through incentives or surcharges.

Healthier employees mean fewer claims. Fewer claims mean lower costs.

That’s empowering. Empowering Business. Empowering People. Empowering Healthier Living.

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