Core Beliefs

How far are you willing to go to control your company’s health care costs?

If you’re serious about securing long-term savings — and if you’re willing to shake things up to get things done — you may be ready for Core Beliefs.

Core Beliefs is a guided discussion that will reveal and refine your company’s philosophy on benefits. We’ll bring key stakeholders together to answer questions on a variety of benefits issues, including:

  • The role of employer, employees and providers.
  • The use of incentives vs. penalties.
  • The impact of the plan’s design.

Think you know where everybody stands on these and other issues? Think again – Core Beliefs is often the first time executives have openly voiced their views on health benefits, and the responses can be eye-opening. Areas of agreement emerge and areas of impactful opportunity are exposed. Clients who have experienced Core Beliefs say it forever changes the way they approach their benefits program.

We will use the consensus drawn from this session to develop a benefits strategy that reflects your corporate culture, lowers your costs and improves the health of your workforce. Our plan will ensure results that can be measured — and sustained.

Core Beliefs is a revolutionary process to redefine your benefits program, and you may learn a little more about yourself and your company in the process. The question is: How far are you willing to go?