EHL Approach

Empowering Healthier Living LogoEmpowering Healthier Living is our proven approach to risk mitigation, which translates to healthier people and lower costs.

In a typical workforce, one of every three employees is at risk for heart disease, diabetes or other chronic health issues. EHL identifies those individuals – your next large claimants – and offers a strategy to eliminate their risks.

How? With a triple target:

Stratification: We first assess each employee to determine who is at risk for disease development and and who is already in a disease state – many people with existing conditions or preconditions don’t know it.

Transformation: We develop a strategy personalized for each individual to either reverse their risk factors or better manage their condition. For some, that might mean gentle nudges in the right direction. Others may be ready to take bigger steps. It’s all about setting attainable goals. For employees who are already healthy, we develop a plan to encourage them to stay that way.

Accountability: You can’t force people to engage, but you can hold them accountable for their choices. Clear incentives – and impactful consequences – encourage ongoing engagement in the program.
Premium differentials, for example, provide the right combination of carrot-and-stick for employees to take a more active role in their health. A participation incentive gets people on board; an outcomes-based incentive keeps them engaged. And engagement produces results.

Speaking of results – you’ll be able to see the data showing how many participate and their progress without violating the privacy of your employees. EHL is administered and results are reported in full compliance with HIPAA rules protecting your employees’ personal health information.

Of course, no program will reduce all claims; another component of EHL is to provide choices when claims are incurred. The cost of certain procedures varies — sometimes by as much as 300 percent — among medical facilities. We have solutions in place that compare the cost — and quality — so you can make better choices.

Core Beliefs

MB practices EHL every day with our clients.

We focus on giving you the power to make better choices for your company and its people. We want you to be asking the questions and thinking about new ways to use your benefits that will allow you to celebrate many more, happier, healthier birthdays.

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Empowering Healthier Living