The Rules

In our 40-year history, McGohan Brabender has stayed true to its founding purpose: To serve our clients in their health benefits decisions. We do this by following five rules – rules that remain constant, yet apply to changing circumstances. Rules that don’t constrain us; they define us.

Within our walls, we just call them The Rules. They are: Simplify; Have Character; Serve People; One Story, Connected; and Take a Risk.

simplify 1: Simplify

Represented by the minus sign, Simplify means subtracting. We focus on what matters and eliminate the clutter.  You don’t need to read 22,000 pages of health care reform legislation; let us bring clarity to the chaos. We promise to deliver the information you need, when you need it.

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have character 2: Have Character

Represented by the heart, Character is revealed in our passion for what we do. Our brand is about providing a path to a healthier life, and empowering people to follow that path. And our clients will see lower costs along the way. Our character is what keeps us true to that goal.

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serve people 3: Serve People

Represented by the GPS icon, Serving People means meeting them where they are. We know our clients are unique, and they shouldn’t have to conform to someone else’s standard. We can customize a plan for each company, and personalize goals for each individual within that company.  You’ve worked hard to carve out your corporate identity, and your benefits plan should reflect that.

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one story connected 4: One Story, Connected

Represented by a chain link, One Story, Connected means viewing our services through the “big picture” lens.  We are all about Empowering Healthier Living. EHL involves a lot of moving parts that all work toward the same goal: delivering healthier birthdays and spending fewer dollars on health care. We connect the dots so you can realize the benefits of EHL.

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take a risk 5: Take a Risk

Represented by a fork in the road, Risk is the choice we make to forge new paths. Health care reform introduced a number of risks; we have turned them into opportunities. Our redefined approach to health care benefits produces measurable, sustainable results and utilizes proprietary, cutting-edge technology.  It’s what sets us apart, and it’s why we can offer clients a product that better serves their needs, now and into the future.

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Pay Or Play