Episode 055 | May 3, 2018

Side Affects Episode 55: Beam Delivers High-Tech Dental Hygiene

In This Episode

Alex Frommeyer’s strategy for dental care is hitting home and bringing the tech. Frommeyer is a founder of Beam Dental, a plan with perks. Members get a full dental care package and regular replacements shipped to their homes. And the electric toothbrush is connected to an app that monitors and provides feedback on the user’s dental hygiene. If you’re going to offer dental coverage, Frommeyer says, it makes sense to encourage dental hygiene. Scott talks with Alex about the experiences that led up to this innovative approach, and how it could change the way we think about dental insurance.

About Our Guest

Alex Frommeyer

Alex Frommeyer

Founder and CEO of Beam Dental /Smarter Dental Benefits, based in Columbus Ohio. Learn more about Alex and Beam Dental at https://www.beam.dental/

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