Episode 068 | April 11, 2019

Side Affects Episode 68: Hats Off To That Entrepreneurial Spirit

In This Episode

As a company that takes pride in taking risks and trailblazing in the employee insurance industry; a young, courageous entrepreneur is someone we would like to meet. Side Affects podcast hosts Scott McGohan and Kenzie Fell welcome University of Dayton senior, Danielle Ruffolo to the show. Dani thought of a genius invention and turned it into a reality, thanks to support from her family, friends, schools and mentors. There is no stopping her. She has auditioned for Shark Tank and recently won $25,000 from a school-sponsored competition to add to her accomplishments. Listen to how this budding business woman is taking her company, Handy Hats, to the next level.

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About Our Guest

Danielle Ruffolo

Danielle Ruffolo

Danielle is a senior at the University of Dayton pursuing a double major in Marketing & Entrepreneurship in the Business School. Not only is she in the Honors program and President of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, she is also the founder and owner of her very own business that she started as a sophomore in college! When she’s not working on growing her business, Handy Hats, Dani plays on the women’s soccer team at the University of Dayton, has auditioned for the popular TV show, Shark Tank and has won $25,000 in a school-sponsored competition. There is no stopping this young entrepreneur.

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