Episode 057 | May 31, 2018

Side Affects Episode 57: Den Bishop Can Fix Health Care!

In This Episode

Den Bishop is president of Holmes Murphy, one of our C2 associate firms. He’s also, according to Scott, “the smartest guy in health care.” OK, we know we’re setting the bar pretty high here, but Den has a keen grasp on what’s wrong with health care today and how to change it. This much is clear: Employers cannot continue to shoulder the ever-growing costs of health care. So, what’s the answer – single payer? All-payer? Medicare for all? Or none of the above?

About Our Guest

Den Bishop

Den Bishop

Den Bishop is president of Holmes Murphy & Associates, an independent insurance broker in Dallas/Fort Worth. As a collaborative partner with MB through our affiliation with C2, Den is a thought leader and tirelessly pursues innovative solutions to rising health care costs for employers. (Link) (Link)

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