Episode 040 | July 27, 2017

Side Affects Episode 40: The Ohio Drug Price Relief Act

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Would you vote for a proposal that will raise prescription prices and reduce access to medications for a majority of Ohioans? Two pharmacy industry experts say the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act will do just that. Antonio Ciaccia of the Ohio Pharmacy Association and Jeff Bartone of Hock’s Pharmacy sit down with Scott and Anne Marie for an eye-opening discussion that brings clarity to the this complicated ballot issue facing Ohio voters in November.

About Our Guests

Antonio Ciaccia

Antonio Ciaccia

Antonio Ciaccia is the Director of Government and Public Affairs at Ohio Pharmacists Association. He has currently served in this role for seven years. His organization represents 3,500 members along with 16,000 licensed pharmacists in Ohio. To learn more about Antonio Ciaccia and the Ohio Pharmacists Association, head over to their website ohiopharmacists.org.

Jeff Bartone

Jeff Bartone is the owner of Hock’s Pharmacy, headquartered in Tipp City, Ohio. During his time as the Hock’s Pharmacy owner, he has implemented various promotions to help consumers save money on prescription medication. His passion and drive to better the community around him has led him to become an active participant in pharmacy legislation. He has served as the second youngest President of the Ohio Pharmacist Association. You can learn more about Jeff Bartone and Hock’s Pharmacy on their website hocksrx.com

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