Episode 060 | September 14, 2018

Side Affects Episode 60: SimplePay: We Just Fixed Health Care!

In This Episode

SimplePay is an industry-changing approach to health care that delivers the highest quality care at the lowest cost. No deductibles, no plan design, no bills from providers … no surprises. Wally Gomaa of ACAP Health and Holmes-Murphy, our C2 collaborative partner, says SimplePay makes buying health insurance a consumer experience, much like buying a TV. “If you were going to build health care benefits from scratch, this is what it would look like,” Wally tells MB CEO Scott McGohan and President Mike Suttman. Learn why we believe SimplePay is going to transform health care, and find out today what everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

About Our Guest

Wally Gomaa

Wally Gomaa

Wally Gomaa is the CEO of ACAP Health and Vice President of Holmes Murphy, partners of MB. To learn more about Wally Gomaa and ACAP Health, visit acaphealth.com.

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