Episode 058 | June 13, 2018

Side Affects Episode 58: ACAP And The Future Of Health Care

In This Episode

Since 2007, ACAP Health set out to change the way employers approach wellness. The outcomes-based strategy was born, and it has exceeded expectations as a proven way to reduce costs and improve health. Wally Gomaa, ACAP CEO, joins Scott and Anne Marie to talk about the long-term success of programs such as Naturally Slim and Compass, and hints at a groundbreaking new approach that ACAP is set to launch. It’s a simplified solution that addresses the basic equation: Price x Use = Cost.

ACAP, based in Dallas, means Accountable Care / Accountable Patients, and it takes a clinical approach to reverse clinical risk. ACAP and McGohan Brabender share a long history of collaboration, and every one of our clients has benefited, directly or indirectly, from that relationship. Learn more about ACAP’s impact, and see why ACAP is a national leader in wellness that works.


About Our Guest

Wally Gomaa

Wally Gomaa

Wally Gomaa is the CEO of ACAP Health and Vice President of Holmes Murphy, partners of MB. To learn more about Wally Gomaa and ACAP Health, visit acaphealth.com

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