Actuarial Services

Actuarial services are provided through our relationship with a nationally respected firm to ensure that you get the fairest, most accurate and cost-effective renewal possible.

Benefit Wizard

You can create employee communications in minutes using this easy online tool. Add your logo to our templates for customized benefit booklets, total comp statements and postcard mailers.  Use our text files and images — or upload your own. And you can order printed copies directly from the page!

Brokerage & Consulting Services

Since 1972, clients have trusted MB to secure the best plan at the best price. But we’re more than that; we’re knowledge experts in advocacy, actuarial, compliance and communication services. We are agile advisors on health care reform. And we are proven risk mitigators, with measurable results in disease management and cost control.

C2 Solutions

McGohan Brabender is a founding member of this national group of seven like-minded independent brokers. This is not just a paper affiliation; this is an active, productive collaboration that continues to move us forward in an ever-evolving industry. C2 allows regional independents to wield national leverage with carriers and vendors. We develop and share strategic solutions to target chronic disease and rising claims costs. Together, C2 brokers represent the fifth largest privately held employee benefits firm in the country. What does this mean to you? It means better contracts, rates and services from a broker who is invested in your community and who answers to you, not a corporate board in some far-away state.


We will work with you to customize a communication strategy that reflects your culture and respects your demographics. We know different generations respond to different mediums, and we can prepare your communications accordingly, using mobile, video, email, and social media technologies, as well as print media.


Given the complex regulatory environment surrounding employee benefits, it is critical that health care compliance information be at your fingertips and easy to understand. Our Compliance Guide for Employers includes links to monthly compliance updates and has helpful summaries of some of the basic overarching areas of compliance, including ACA, COBRA, ERISA, FMLA and HIPAA. Compliance Guide for Employers  

Customer Care

Our Customer Care Team works on your behalf to resolve a variety of issues regarding enrollment, claims, billing, benefits and more. We have direct access to dedicated representatives at our carriers, so we can deliver the answers to you and your employees quickly and reliably. 

Data Analytics

Anyone can run reports, but when it comes to data, it’s not what you have -- it’s what you do with it. Our Financial and Analytics Services team sees the stories behind the statistics. We look at your history, carrier reports and market projections, and we see where you are today and where you’ll be tomorrow. We can pinpoint problem areas and recommend strategic, cost-control solutions. We take key data points in areas such as clinical, utilization, operational and financial, and weave them together to predict future claims. MB’s FAS team understands the financial components of rate development. Anyone can give you data; but without our expert analysis, all those numbers don’t add up to much.

Employee Engagement

Employees who are encouraged to take an active role in their health — and their health care — make better choices. We have proven, incentive-based motivational tools that ensure ongoing engagement.

Empowering Healthier Living

Empowering Healthier Living is our incentives-based wellness program that produces sustainable, measurable results. 

Health Care Reform (ACA)

The Affordable Care Act changes the rules of employer-sponsored health benefits. MB’s agile advisors can tell you how today’s decisions will impact your business, now and in the future.  Regardless of your path, we can help.

Incentive Strategies / Accountability

An effective benefits plan lets participants experience consequences for poor decisions — and incentives for healthy ones.  We can design a plan for you that delivers lower costs and healthier birthdays 

Individual Medical / Exchange Coverage

Part timers, retirees, independent contractors and others may be candidates for individual coverage. We have an expert dedicated to answer questions, shop for quotes and guide people through the individual insurance process. Please contact Greg Pfander at 937-293-1600 to discuss your options.


Welcome to the ultimate pharmacy search engine for discounted generic drug programs available at pharmacies throughout the USA.

Retiree Plan Transition Services

Before you leave your employer-sponsored health plan, know your options. RetireMED®iQ is an independent advisory service for retirees and those nearing retirement. Whether you’re moving to Medicare or the marketplace, seeking coverage for yourself or your dependents, RetireMED®iQ’s certified advisors are health plan transition experts. And there’s never a fee for our services. Launched in 2007 as MB Senior Solutions, RetireMED®iQ serves 25,000 people in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Onsite Medical Clinics

Onsite health clinics are expanding from primary care alone to preventive care, with an individualized focus to support and encourage a culture of healthy habits. 

Pharmacy Benefit Management

To see the benefits of our C2 affiliation, look no further than our Pharmacy Benefit Management program. The escalating role of prescription drugs as health care cost drivers makes PBM a prime target for savings, and C2 member firms have created a unique and industry-leading program that saves our clients 4.7% to 33.5% annually. RxBenefits is the exclusive program administrator, and together we will run a detailed analysis of your pharmacy spend and trends to develop a plan that meets your specific needs.

Pricing Transparency

Prices for the same medical service can vary by as a much as 300 percent locally; a CT scan may cost $500 at one facility and $1,200 at another.  With our price transparency tool, you’ll realize savings you never knew were out there.


MB’s Financial and Analytics Services team compiles the latest data from industry surveys, rating services and a database of benefits plans. You can rely on MB for an accurate, comprehensive picture of costs, coverage, claims and customer satisfaction at renewal time and throughout the year.

Small Business Team

Our Small Business Team specializes in benefits plans for companies with as few as two employees.


Telemedicine services are a rapidly growing segment of the health care industry that is convenient, cost-effective and reliable. Board-certified physicians diagnose, treat and prescribe some medications for acute patients, and help chronic patients manage their symptoms at home.

Vision Discount

Save money on all your vision care needs, in addition to your primary benefit, with our Eyemed Vision Discount program. The EyeMed card, offered to all MB clients, means you’ll never pay full price for exams, glasses or contacts — even corrective laser surgery through a large selection of participating providers!

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