Access to Care

Because ERs Don’t Reward Customer Loyalty

When it comes to medical services, your 10th visit is never free and you won’t get coupons good for 50 percent off your next MRI. Nevertheless, there are ways to encourage better health care consumerism. It starts with three questions:

  1. Where is the care delivered? Emergency room “frequent flyers” use this costly option as their first resort. Urgent care, retail-based clinics, telemedicine and primary care can provide quality care in less time for fewer dollars.
  2. Who is delivering the care? Primary care physicians who are value-based contractors have a stake in your health outcomes. They are readily available to see patients as needed, reducing visits to higher cost facilities.
  3. What does the care cost? Data shows that lower-cost facilities report better outcomes. In addition, give-and-take contracts between carriers and providers mean costs can vary for the same procedure, performed by the same physician — sometimes by thousands of dollars.

MB can help you identify and engage with value-based providers. We have standalone concierge tools to identify lower cost facilities when medical services are needed.

When you get better outcomes at lower costs, everybody wins.