If you’ve contacted your physician or carrier and aren’t satisfied with the response, our MB Advocate Team is ready to spring into action.

We can see through claims disputes and leap over red tape. We seek truth and justice, with direct access to senior level representatives at our carrier partners.

We are passionate problem-solvers who shoulder the burden and do the legwork. We know how to navigate the health care system, drawing on our backgrounds working for providers, carriers, health care management and HR.

We save you and your employees tens of thousands of dollars each month.

Contact us if you or your employees have questions about a variety of issues, including:
Enrollment status
Coordination of benefits


We don’t just provide excellent service; we build relationships with our clients. Here’s what they say about us.

 “You have been fantastic through this process and went above and beyond your obligation. There is no way that my mother would have received those additional benefits if you had not been such a strong advocate.”

 “I thank you for all of your hard work, as I know this one was quite a pain.  I am extremely happy this worked out so well.  This kind of effort is why we stay with McGohan Brabender.”

 “I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work.  I understand these things can be very timely, and I truly appreciate everything you have done in this drawn-out process.”

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