HR Technology

What exactly is HR Technology? No matter the size of your company, you will use some sort of technology to support your workforce. Starting with recruiting, on-boarding, and continue with employee payroll and more. The COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted the evident misses with HR Technology. There are so many options that are easy and inexpensive that can help close those gaps of support. It is a process, and it all starts with a strategy. We recommend listening to the BTR Side Affects podcasts as a good starting point.

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If you have made the decision to bring in HR Technology, now take the next step of implementing it. You must determine your priorities, requirements, and especially your budget. HR Technology can do as much or as little as you need! Remember, this is a process. Being prepared and consistent is key to a successful implementation.

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You must be careful to not spend too much on the wrong products. What is the shelf life of technology? What you needed in 2010 may not be what you need now. We would like to highlight how important it is to build a relationship with your HR Tech vendor and ask them as experts the questions you don’t know. You may not know what you need! Try to avoid the red flags that are draining your budget and make sure the technology is working for you and you are not working for the technology.

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